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March 06, 2006


Steve Sherlock

Jory, I agree traditional media will continue to exist but I question for how long it will. If it does not evolve to co-exist with the participatory (or your term "niche") media, then it will go the way of the dinosaurs.

As for whether "all" or "many" or "some" or "a few" is the proper adverb for quantifing the number of bloggers who aspire to play, I would say some.

I, for my own experience and example, am quite happy to be able to write in this new medium period. That some folks happen to read and like what I write, that I happen to find others with like interests, this is all goodness in a democratic world.

The world is flattening as we all get more connected. Now, we are not there yet. There are still many connections to make but the ability to learn to behave well with each other in this flat, connected, democratic world is going to make or break us. As an optimist, I am hoping it will bring us together better.


I'd like to weigh in on the point that some folks find social media to be really threatening. I've been reading that the traditional media are threatened by Web 2.0 tools for awhile and it gets under my skin every time.

So the journalists and reporters have put in their time to get where they're at and they don't like the idea of any old blogger being able to "post to a blog, get traffic, and be seen as a brilliant writer/expert/guru?" This annoys me because the assumption is false. Yes, anyone with a credit card can sign up for typepad and post to a blog. But it ends there. Not just anyone can get traffic, and certainly not just anyone can be seen as a brilliant writer/expert/guru. If anything, the fact that just anyone can post means there are tons of opportunities where people with no writing skills have just put their LACK of expertise on display for all to ridicule. The assumption that bloggers don't have to earn their stripes, just like traditionalists, annoys me because it's just plain NOT TRUE. You have to put in your time in ANY arena in order to gain credibility. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't need a day job.

P.S. Jory I think the content from the NewComm wiki is inaccessible now that the conference is over - the link took me to a page that read "This area will be live during the conference."

Elizabeth Albrycht

Here is the link to the wiki: http://www.socialtext.net/newcomm/index.cgi


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