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March 16, 2006



This is so great Jor...at least I can READ what you said since I still can't get the clip to work. I haven't given up though...I WILL find a way. I would have loved seeing everyone's bit...had to have been hilarious. You DO have a fabulous life honey...a funny, and fabulous life. -Mom xo


I can't watch it just yet as the house is sleeping (but my son is NOT. At 5 am. And I have just told him how silly he is.) How did you get all that in in two minutes? I particularly like the bathtub metaphor, BTW. Sounds like you gave Scoble a real run for his money there.
If you had a chance at all, Jory, and if I had known they were there, I would have told you to go check out the Living End while you were at Austin. A great import from Down Under, and Melburnians to boot. Noisy but rather fabulous.


Hi Jory!

It is so nice to have a clip of you though I prefer to actually see you in person.

Love ya!

Phil Gerbyshak

Great speech Jory! Especially cool to actually hear your voice instead of just reading your posts. Well done, and nice video (now up on Tom Peters weblog too).


Andrew "aka Mr. Lemon Juice" just so happens to be my boyfriend. Several folks came up to him afterward and said that your comment wasn't cool. But he disagreed. "It was funny. But she got it wrong. The lemon juice was fine. However, the candle should have been bigger."

And I liked the last point the best.


Great list, Jory. I laughed at #9. :)


I do exactly the same thing with my New Yorkers!


Hey, there's nothing wrong with a five year old cell phone. I also call mine vintage.


Thanks for sharing!

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