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March 22, 2006


Dave Seah

I can identify with the feeling...yesterday morning I woke up thinking that the time for relaxation was over, that there were THINGS TO DO, and that it was time to dust off the "bad" old attitudes from 2000 and gear up for battle. It also feels different this time, because I think I'd be doing it for the right reasons, ones that don't dehumanize relationships but empowered them instead. And for the first time, maybe the work will be energizing experiences, rather than ones that just take away and don't give back. But before any of this can happen, I have to step back up. I recognize the concern of being consumed by this again, and I've been thinking that this might actually cause me to lose touch with a lot of the people who are close to me now...so I am weighing this very carefully.

Part of me misses being consumed...when I was in the game industry, or working for other companies. The sense of mission! But when the mission goes awry, or isn't ultimately good for people...that's what is the suck and made me walk away. I wonder: under my own flag, will I do any better? Nothing to do now but dive in, I think, and see how things turn out, more squad leader than CEO.

Anyway, best of luck in making your own luck...kick some ass!



This post had so many parallels to an article I wrote for a magazine. It's called "Ambition: The Double Edged Sword" and is about how to make peace with that desire for constant progress - and how to pace yourself. I can send it to you if you're interested :)

Jon Moter

Every time you post about some comment boyfriend makes, it makes me real happy to know you two are together. You fit each other well, *especially* when you don't see eye to eye. :-)

Just remember, there's always so much to do because you're choosing for there to be so much to do.

Steve Fielding

Ditto to what Jon said about choosing there to be so much to do. And, it sounds like you've found that sweet spot where your "daily toil in the fields" is actually overlapping with your purpose. In this place, perception of time dissolves and energy reserves to move things forward seem limitless. Still, building in time to stop and chill helps keep perspective.

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