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March 08, 2006



You might be interested in a friend of mine's blog:

Her daughter has born with a liver disease that necessitated a transplant. Her husband's a tenured professor, and they have VERY good insurance, but they're still running into hassle after hassle and being denied coverage for reasons that are obscure at best.


Really wish you younger people, as well as all the others pre-Medicare, had reasonable insurance costs. It's important for you to know we care; are with you in trying to solve the problem. Please know that it isn't always that easy for those with Medicare, but realize something is better than nothing.

With so many out of work, or "between jobs," they should have inexpensive GOOD insurance available for them, too. I think, especially, of the 40-50 and over age groups, those experiencing job discrimination due to ageist attitudes.

Certainly, the single parent, (generally a woman) with a child or children, working or not, deserves more from our society. These children are our future! You, too, are our future.

I keep wondering why our congress people don't consider all of us as deserving of the same kind of insurance coverage they receive for which we're paying?

Frankly, the future of Medicare isn't real promising presently. Seems to me all generations must somehow come together on this to make our voices heard.

You're certainly right about the significant ideas from Ronni Bennett on Time Goes By, as she offers a place for our voices in the wilderness trying to make a difference. Is anybody listening?

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