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January 01, 2006



Great post, Jory. I understand the hesitation about whittling. It's why I still freeze when someone asks, "But what do you REALLY want to do?" It always feels like I'm supposed to pick ONE THING...and I simply can't. I've tried to grow comfortable with a 'little of this, little of that' approach. But you're right...one really needs to laser-in on just a few things to really MOVE ahead.

Steve Sherlock

Jory, I agree... good luck... committment to an ideal, not committed to an asylum.

spoken for, as in "bespoke" (http://www.englishcut.com/archives/000004.html)

so you could be a bespoke blogger!

Jennifer Warwick

Yeppie. My heart both lifts and sinks that there are enough of us to be considered a group. What a thoughtful post...you've knocked so may things loose in my head that I may have to do a riff on it in my blog...after all, I'm the girl who decided to take swimming lessons at age 35, and within 3 months had thousands of dollars in scuba gear and was multiply certified at advanced levels...and then walked away because I got really cold diving for lobster - at night - in October.

But not all the way away. I sold most of the gear on eBay, but I still have a 5 mil wetsuit and hood collecting dust in the garage...I guess just in case this global warming thing really takes off...


Hi Jury...have read some of the books on your site...check out, if you haven't
THE FOUR AGREEMENTS - RUIZ and a great book called
FROM ROCKS TO CLOUDS -not sure about auther...menapausal at the moment.
love to you


My horoscope fav is www.cainer.com - read what it says about Gemini's for the coming year. Eerie!

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