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January 03, 2006



It is painful just reading your description of the whole ordeal but your lively spirit will eventually win over.

Here you can dowload two free songs from Sufjan Stevens that might bring a bit of contentment back.



Just hearing about the run around that Chase is giving you is enough to make me want to cancel my card with them. What awful service.

John Richardson

Hi Jory, I found your site from a link on Troy Worman's site. Great Blog. I have been the victim of identity theft in the past (4 cards taken out in my name) and it isn't any fun. It takes months to clear up and the police and other officals could care less even though it amounts to grand theft. American Express is one of the better companies if you need to change cards. I am currently fighting fraudulent charges on my domain account and the domain company (Registerfly) is impossible to work with. You really find out who the good companies are when you have a problem! Good Luck... John


that's terrible. Identity theft on a small scale has happened to me in the past, and it's sure no fun. I remember wanting to find the person and "get" them, turn them into the police, outsmart them, catch them. But in this game they win if you let this thing run your life. My best to you. Rinatta


as for getting annoying automated calls from a machine. get yourself an answering machine with the zapper feature in it. when those automated machines call, your phone won't even ring and that number will be blocked.


I think these two worlds online and offline don't difer a lot. It's really painful when you've reached something to lose it because someone with less abilities wanted to have it.


I am gettin loads of nigerian money scam emails. In particular one about Anita Jones wanting to give me $15m because she is dying of breast cancer.. what a joke. How could anyone fall for this

Trusted ID vs LifeLock

life lock puts alerts in your credit file so that Credit Reporting Agencies have to go through extra steps to access your information. I think that they should always have to go through these extra steps. I guess the Credit Reporting Agencies are all upset about this because it ends up costing them more money because they have to do more work

3 credit scores

You can contact the three major credit reporters and request that your credit be on a review status or something like that

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