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January 19, 2006



Here, here. When I hear about this sort of waste, I always am disgusted. Is a $25 eyebrow wax that different than a $13? Or a $7? (The going rates for my neck of the woods.) Perhaps my midwestern roots are showing.

Joy Des Jardins

Apparently the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree sweetie. I have the same reaction to this disgusting wasteful lifestyle. I simply can't watch it....and don't. Though I'm fairly confident that I will never experience the lavish lifestyles of these celebrities, I'm pretty sure my standards wouldn't change.

Steve Sherlock

"The Meaningful Life"... unfortunately I don't see that will ever make it to prime time unless there is some twist at the end where ... you can fill in the blanks...

In the mean time, we'll live humbly and read here, and at http://37days.typepad.com/37days/2006/01/teach_fear_to_h.html
for encouragement.

Katherine Stone

I spend $15 on my brow wax, and I'm telling you it looks equally as good as Jennifer's. So who's the smart one, here?


Is this where I should guiltily admit that if I surf by "The Surreal Life" or "Celebrity Fit Club" or Flavor Flav that I stop and watch? (And glare angrily at my boyfriend when he tries to switch it to The Golf Channel?)

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