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January 05, 2006


Joy Des Jardins

Oh Jor, you'd be proud of me. I've actually gotten much better at saying "No" right off the bat...well, sometimes it takes a little longer; but trust me....you'd be proud. I must say, reading this really incensed me...has this guy NO pride or ethics?


Too funny. We talk about asking for money today too - and the crazy responses. Happy New Year, Jory! Hope you are well!

Felix Gerena

Jory, as european, I must say that is not common practice in Europe and I´m afraid it is not common practice anywhere else.

I see two basic possibilities to understand this guy´s conduct:

1. He does not care about what others can think about him. He just asks for funding. If you like him you help him and if not, you just don´t.

2. He is not aware of the effect he produces in others. He thinks the net is a place for mutual help and trust and without working on his fundraising style, he starts to ask for money to all the people he knows.

Take care,


Phil Gerbyshak

Wow! This is bold, even for the Internet. And it's funny! Thanks for sharing Jory!


Maybe there are more people out there like your mother than we imagine. This guy could just be playing percentages.

With my mom it took years to convince her that she had a phone for her convenience, not everyone else's. She now hangs up after her second "no." It's a start.


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