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December 19, 2005



What kind of writer are you, Jory? Well, just for starters - discerning, pithy, one of those wonderfully immediate communicators who picks something interesting up and doesn't waste a moment taking us on a trip with her. If there are gaps between your posts, so what? Keeps people hanging out for the quality!!
Me, I'm doing the less is more approach this year - because I've gone and started another blog, now, haven't I. And we all have those moments when we get peeved because the words won't FLOW. So please don't hate yourself during the all important downtime. Who knows 'what dreams may come'...


Your posts have a high level of quality. I strive for one "quality" post a week and fall short on that. Don't sell yourself short by thinking that you aren't blogging enough. What you have is fantastic.

Joy Des Jardins

This is something we've talked about recently, haven't we? Honestly Jor, you blogging more frequently would be a DREAM to me. Okay, that may be a typical "Mom" thing to say, but I really am very objective about this. I love what you write! I so look forward to reading your posts...it doesn't matter if you write everyday, a couple of times a week or once a week. And, anyone who reads your stuff on a regular basis, probably would agree. My personal preference would be more frequently, if that's possible...and realistic. -Mom


It's such a personal thing, isn't it? I guess I've always viewed your blog as sort of an adjunct to your freelance worklife, so figured that's why you post less frequently, but make each post very meaningful. Whereas I can feel free to post mundane crap and throw in the occasional 'post with a point.' Only thing is, whenever there's a brief run of 'point posts,' then I feel like I "should" come up with one of those and sometimes the well's empty, especially after a day spent at a mindless job. So I try to mix it up--the meaningful and the mundane--while posting ALMOST every day, but cutting myself a break if I don't. 'Cause lord knows, just reading my Bloglines feeds takes a huge amount of time! But in all honesty, after two+ years of blogging, when people ask what I do, I'm so tempted to say "I blog"...since the job is just something to pay the rent...blogging is the fuel that drives me.


Jory, if you do write daily I'll look forward to that as I check your blog almost daily. But if you don't because it might compromise the quality of what you do post then that will be fine too.

I find it hard sometimes to think of stuff to write, then other times I'm so overflowing with ideas I never get them all down. I've started keeping a notebook with these ideas but work's been so busy lately......

Felix Gerena

A wonderful post, Jory. I have really enjoyed reading it.

Troy Worman

Super post!

You already know I love you, so I'm not going to draw this out waxing on about how wonderful you are.

Thanks for sharing.

Now, I am going to take your copy over to my place and butcher it.

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