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December 04, 2005


Lisa Haneberg

Jory, Jory, Jory:

Oh, how I wish your vision of my life were true. Well, to be fair, life is sometimes like this and when it is, I feel at peace and stimulated. I am a business romantic and covet the quiet moments of intellectual absorption.

Thanks so much for your provocative post about my essay in More Space. I, too, am a BKE junky. In fact, after all my years doing a bunch of business related stuff, I find facilitating breakthroughs the most rewarding.

Lightbulbs, sure, but the best breakthroughs involve a lot more. They are magical, compelling, and make us tingle all over. Another reason to compare them to orgasms. :-)

Adrian Savage

I'm a fan of Lisa's writing and thought and I also believe deeply in breakthroughs. What they need, I believe, is time. You need to stop. Take a breath and look around. Remember who you are and what you believe you're on the earth to do.

That's why I started the Slow Leadership movement (http://www.slowleadership.org). To help people bring back a wholesome taste, enjoyment and sense of satisfaction to leadership of all types. To encourage epiphanies and stimulate challenge to the crazy, workaholic approach to doing things that has become the norm.

More power to you and Lisa!

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