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December 06, 2005


I tried living without credit card for as long as I could, tried to get a PayPal account instead to be able to shop online but they would not have me because I did not have a credit card. After reading your story I am seriously contemplating getting a PP account and then close my Visa card.

Joy Des Jardins

This is EVERYONE'S nightmare Jor. I've worried about this VERY thing. I know you and Jess will stay on top of it...and, it WILL be settled. These things try one's patience beyond anyone's boundries; but you WILL win out. It's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG; and you will be vindicated honey...even if it's at the cost of some of your sanity. I'll be here to listen.... Mom -xo-


There is something else to worry about if you have any other kind of debt...I know this from personal experience because the same thing happened to me. If you have other debt, when they pull your credit report periodically to review and see that you have a cc in collections (even if you are disputing the same), your "good" debt (you know that 3% loan that you used to buy your new computer) will suddenly be revoked and you will start seeing those debts at 21 and 24% (or whatever the maximum is in your state. You need to write a letter that threatens to sue Chase for breach of privacy and for not protecting your personal information. This is the only way to deal with these folks because they get the same story from the real losers.

Diane Pfadenhauer

I'm thinking you need to be sending MULTIPLE stern letters to various high level execs at Chase, copy the attorney general, everyone under the sun and whatever consumer agency you can find. Waiting for paperwork is much too passive!!


What a nightmare! I agree with the commenter who suggested you threaten legal action - there must be some recourse you can take to at least stop the harrassment and correct your credit record.

Good luck.


So while I am catching up with your blog by reading this, a pop-up appears ... pitching me to apply for a Chase VISA. No fooling!! It's all sooooo insane. So sorry to hear about this. Agree with Diane P. Everyone seems to fear NY's attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, even those out of his jurisdiction, maybe that's a good thing.


Jory - looks like your other commenters beat me to it. Even tho I dont live in the US, and therefore dont know all the laws, I would say that you have definitely got to get things in writing asap. Keep a record of every time you have phoned, who you spoke to and what they promised you. Then write letters to them, requesting the documentation, threatening to sue, whatever it takes. If it's not in writing, they can deny it. (Oh! And be SURE to keep a copy of everything, recording the date it was sent/faxed/emailed so you can refer to it in subsequent letters)

And you go girl! You CAN and WILL beat this thing.


another suggestion is make your calls to chase on your cell phone. most cell phone bills list the numbers dialed and the length of the call. It is another way to prove that you have been in contact with them. Send letters registered so they have to be signed for. Get the main mailing address/ not the po box. Fax them letters with a maching that gives you confirmation of receipt. And of course the usual, names, departments, time and date of all conversations.
What would happen if you reported the card stolen so the card would be pulled on the next attempted use?Even though you never had the card, it may stop further use. Talk to legal before doing this to be sure your state law is on your side.


What if they sent the CC application to your old address. Whoever is living there now could be the culprit.

Sam DeRenzis

Hi, after reading your story I can only assume one thing, credit card companies are frauds!

I had a Capital One Visa card a long time back, missing 1 payment went on my credit report, what a joke. Then when I signed up for a new card instead of a Visa they sent me a Mastercard (which I was unable to close myself without talking to a rep, unlike the Visa) It was all to much for my mind to comprehend so I gave up on credit and now am living at home with my parents trying to just survive. Capitalism sucks so bad, everyone wants money and no one cares about you if you don't.

Business's are pathetic.


On the posting about opening a PayPal account to shop online. It's the best way to go these days. You would need a credit card initially to be able to receive a PayPal Debit Card with the Mastercard logo. Then you can just straight out cancel your credit card account to be left with only the PP card.

Credit card companies are very irresponsible in their practices. They have absolute disregard towards their cardholders. If the law doesn't prosecute and penalize these activities more intensely then credit fraud can be reduced. But no one gives a $#!%, starting from the credit card issuers, law enforcement agencies, and the politicians. Kinda makes me want to be do some frauding myself...


CHASE IS EVIL! I made ONE late payment, ever! And that was in ten years -- a mind fart I guess -- and they wacked me to 30% interest and reduced my "available" to zero, effectively closing the account! Five of my last six monthly payments were over my $250 minimum by 1.9, 2.6, 2.9, 16.0, and 5.4 times. One was minimum. But do they care? HELL NO! Oh, they offered to remove the $39 late fee. Is that nice or what? But the 30% interest? HELL NO! "Their hands are tied;" all six of them said, followed by tons of lies about; "it's the best rate they have at this time." They actually said that! Are these people on MARS?! I haven't heard of such robbery since I was growing up in east Chicago hearing about gangters. Where are our "protectors," our politicians? I, for one, am going to badger some of mine. Let's chase Chase out of town -- no -- OUT OF THE STATE! It is time for activism!


I am at war right now with Chase Visa for my dad. The account was closed back in January (which they never did) and he gave me power of attorney (which they say they never received any document to prove.) He has a pretty large debt and I've been trying to settle with them (dad has advanced cancer.) I am not looking for pity from these *&^(^) but I am not exaggerating when I say they are calling my home over 20 times a week and when they hear my voice they hang up! The calls begin as early as 7:43am and continue straight to 10:03pm! I have filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission since these harassing calls are illegal. They referred me to the Comptroller of the Currency, Customer Assistance Group, 1301 McKinney Street, Ste.#3450, Houston, TX 77010. Phone number 800-613-6743. Fax number to submit complaint is 713-336-4301.
You need to include the cardholder's name, credit card issuer (must be N.A. issued), mailing address, acount number, and what resolution you are seeking. Maybe if enough of us write to them these S.O.B.'s will finally be investigated!!!

william odell

I have to thank the last comments from Rebecca. The info she provided is excellent and I will be using it asap. I too have a chase card which I now see I should never have gotten. Late on one payment and i called to explain and now I am getting a phone call every 45 minutes through out the day. I mailed the payment plus extra to take care of it. As soon as it clears my bank I'm thinking of canceling. yep sounds good to me. Thanks again Rebecca

Jamie Evans

After reading this article, I immediately closed my Chase account, which I hadn't used in years. I also decided to check in on my apr, it was at 24% up from 8% the last time I used it! They had never notified me about the changes in my apr, I've had a $0 balance for 4 years!

Thanks for the warning, people are listening!

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