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August 08, 2005


Joy DJ

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself Jor....I'm surprised you could form sentences considering the amount of sleep you had before BlogHer. You were great! And, by the way, I thought Ponzi's interviews were terrific. -Mom


Hey Jory, the conference sounded amazing. While reading through accounts of the event, I stumbled across photos of you and the other organizers. You look just like your writing -- smart and just-so-damn likable. Not that anyone can tell much from random snapshots, and I know looks aren't supposed to matter, but it's fascinating to see someone you've only ever glimpsed through their written words.


Sure blame the laptop for your lapse in watching our niece. You never have lapses otherwise, okay. I understand that you are still involved and busy, but the sidetracking is an endearing quality that you have always had. At least she chose a color that matched her hair.


One of the reasons I chose Davis was to be close to my nieces. I must admit, when I'm with the little one (age 7) I often forget the word "blog" exists. Good for you for getting some well-deserved offline time.


I could feel the blog strong within you, too! Seriously, though, I've been getting strange looks from people as well when I try to explain to them what this great, wonderful, fabulous thing is that I love so much.

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