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August 01, 2005


Melissa Gira

And I have video, from said dinner, of all the operatic tributes to you, Lisa, & Elisa -- to be posted once I come down from the conference high myself!

See you next year, if not before!


Jory, someone gave me an extra Google/Blogher because they thought my kids might want it! I will email Lisa myself, but let her know she has one coming if she wants it.

I love this wrap up! I am so tired I can hardly focus, but CAN'T STOP READING all of the posts about BlogHer.


OMG - Jory - I am horrified to hear about the driver - that's the shit that keeps me up at night! I only gave the company addresses and directions about 10 times. Sigh.

But, I am so not surprised to hear that you handled the situation with such grace. BTW - the b-friend - he's a keeper! But you knew that already. :-)


Great inside account - and I applaud the cookies!

Ronni Bennett

Great summary, Jory. You and and Lisa and Elisa and all the rest pulled off something really special. I'm so proud to have been a part of it.

Elisa Camahort

Jory: Your hair product was nearly the highlight of the day for me...how would it have been if I had had to go through BlogHer feeling self-conscious about frizz? That stuff worked like a charm.

I need to know what it was, so I can buy some , and carry around a little BlogHer with me every day. (On me?)

Melissa: Burn that video!!!

Elisa Camahort

Did I somehow just delete a comment rather than post it? Argh.

Anyway, Jory, the hair product was nearly the highlight of the day for me. Imagine what it would have been to go through the day self-conscious about frizz!

I need the name of the product so I can go buy some and carry around a little bit of BlogHer with me every day. (On me?)

Melissa: burn that video!!!

Elisa Camahort

Oh, and Jenn: thanks for the offer of a bag for Lisa, but Jory's b-friend is so coolio he had snagged one in case Jory hadn't gone one, but she had, so Lisa will have one.

You are both sweet and thoughtful.


Jory! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm with Jenn. I've been obessively reading about BlogHer for two days. See you next year!

Joy DJ

I LOVE THIS! We talked about ALL of this already...late last night, but honestly honey....this was the best! I couldn't stop laughing and associating it with all we chatted about. What a most incredible experience for everyone....and, it's only just begun! I'm happy and very excited for all of you wonderful, talented and inspiring women in the blogosphere....KUDOS!

Lisa Stone

I must be slipping. ESP told me you were in the ladies room, not the cafe...

Nancy White

Virtual chocolate to ya, woman (and we had chocolate espresso beans in the Global Woman panel! Ya missed those.) Those chocolate chip oatmeal cookies were to die for. But they paled to the energy in Tech Mart. And that's saying something coming from a die hard chocoholic (aka choconancy)

Jay Rosen

Congratulations Jory, and thanks for the kind words. You, Elisa and Lisa, with crew, did a great thing by creating this event. And the posts people wrote after are the proof.

liza sabater

you know, you captured my bumbling idiot side quite nicely. i haven't stopped laughing.

my new tag line? "tell me about this estrogen thing".


Koan Bremner

Jory, I think you know how much being at BlogHer meant to me, so I won't labour the point. You capture the spirit of the event perfectly - well, almost. For although opinionated windbags like me "say what they mean, and mean what they say" - and beteer yet, say it on the record(Technorati?) - others don't. Ambra had good comments to make, with a microphone in her hand, as you say - but she saved some choice ones for when she got back to the safety of her blog, and didn't have to, like, "speak Naked". Just a timely reminder that what happens in the conference room doesn't always reflect reality, I suppose. Sadly.


Hi Jory, it was great to meet you at the conference, terrific write-up, thank you!

Jennifer Warwick

I was wondering who the goddess was who knew the cookies needed to be cut a half. Genius. I knew if was a woman...and should have guessed it was you. Well done!


Thanks for sharing the inside story -- I appreciate the fact that the cookies were cut in half -- less weight watchers points.

Ambra Nykol

All of you on the organizing end should be commended. You are pioneers more than you realize. Expect greater things to follow.


J = Someone stole my Blogher/Google bag -- my son -- and did it within seconds of spotting the way cool thing and that together with my MSN Search Champs bag are long gone out of my hands and into his room :( And no, I'm not begging for another bag, it's okay.

Meanwhile, stop writing such nice stuff about me -- I'm not worthy -- and I need to bow and scrape to YOU GIRL!!! I'm really bummed I didn't have more time to hang out with you, Lisa and Elisa.

Dinner Saturday night was spent in my heavenly Westin hotel room, tending to my very tired out kid, who spent the day with his aunt and uncle at Santa Cruz, as he was getting more and more under the weather with an earache (not their fault, but due to the previous week of swimming and diving lessons and overall fatigue).

My glamourous life, right? I notice the ratio of Children's Meltaway Grape Flavor Tylenol tablets increases and the Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms decreases in my cosmetics bag as I travel the conference circuit. The Not-so-sexy Life of a Single Mom.

My kid and I were both dead asleep by about 8PM PST.

Ut oh ... I think this is a blog post disguised as a comment ... sorry.

Anyway, wonderful to finally meet you and I hope we'll get another chance soon to hang out.



thanks from another attendee. it was truly fabulous. and hey, i had at least three of the half cookies. i feel better now, knowing they were "only halves". sort of.



thanks from another attendee. it was truly fabulous. and hey, i had at least three of the half cookies. i feel better now, knowing they were "only halves". sort of.



Jory, you were so open and kind to all of us, and were quite remarkable in remembering everyone's name!

Aside from your gracious social skills, BlogHer was success on many levels. Bravo to you, Lisa, Elisa, Purvi and the Advisory Board.

As a fearless mommy blogger, I would like to mention this: There was one glaring exception to the roster of superb panelists at BlogHer. This was a person who was senselessly rude, uncharitable and cowardly on her blog following the event. I am certain I do not need to name names as this controversial subject/person has received much attention already. In the future, I sincerely hope that future session speakers will be very carefully screened for BlogHer 2006.

Thank you for this event, a wonderful gift to the blogging community.

Grace Davis
Santa Cruz, California


Wow, what a wonderful conference you have run - cleversocks. I have cousins like you, they didn't share their genes though. There are some great pix up here, taken by J.D. Lasica
Two lovely shots of you, Jory. Clever AND good looking - you rat!
heartiest congratulations on a race well run.

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