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July 31, 2005


Joy DJ

....and a well-deserved sleep at that! Bravo honey, and congratulations on an outstanding conference. Now go give your sister (who's dying to find out all the details on BlogHer) and that sweet baby girl (who looks like her Aunt Jory) a big hug. Even though you're booked up with some things in NY, please find some time to JUST crash, rest, enjoy....I love you ((((((((((this much))))))))))))!!!
-Mom -xo-


you guys did AWESOME! get some rest.


I so wish I could have gone. If there is a next year, maybe I'll be able to swing it. The baby will be older and not so baby-ish.

Jay Rosen

It was great to meet you. Congratulations on pulling it off with style.


Congrats on a hugely successful conference, Jory! Well done! I'm reading rave reviews everywhere I look. P.S. Jesse's adorable...saw him on Beth Kantor's blog. :)


Congrats on such a GREAT conference, Jory! I loved meeting you. You are so incredibly sweet and cute I just wanted to fold you up and take you home in my little BlogHer bag.

I have so many thoughts about BlogHer I want to share later, but I had to come here and tell you how very much I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you! (And impressed you will associate yourself with the "foul mouthed Mommy Bloggers!" HA!)

Koan Bremner

Jory... have you ever known what it felt like to change someone's life? That's what you did to mine. I hope that knowing that makes you feel as good as your invitation for me to speak on the "Naked" panel at BlogHer has made me feel.

Now, go and get some *rest*! ;-)

Troy Worman

I wish I could have been there.

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