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June 23, 2005


Joy DJ

What the Dell?? I can't believe ALL the dissatisfied customers after reading the comments on Jeff's post....and yours. What will it take to be heard? Maybe you both have begun to chip away at finding a solution or at least generating discussion that might help. Even with big corporations....it has to start somewhere.


I have a 600m too! The thing has been a nightmare since my company purchased it at the end of last Nov. So far I've had to have a new wireless card, motherboard, heat sink and fan. What's going to fail next? I dread it, because it will mean another painful waste of time dealing with their customer "support".

Katherine Stone

My husband's company has 40 Dells and paid for 24-hour service. His motherboard just died, and do you think they showed up in 24 hours? Their response was something like they'd show up 5 days later. My husband said that was unacceptable, and they said that was all they could do. He plans to call Michael Dell.

Russ Jones one unhappy dell owner

Just wanted to vent my dissatisfication with the dell experience. Bought a dimension desk top in Jan 05 complete with 3 year warranty.

Came home went to use it and the thing was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Now have the pleasure of logging about 10 hours of phone time to India trying to troubleshoot the problem. Finally the tech said it was the hardrive and said someone would call and come out to replace it. Sure enough some one did call but did not come out when they said they would. Called dell and was assured I would receive a call back within a half hour. What do you think, yep your right no call!!!!

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