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May 09, 2005



Spot on the money. I've got a 4 year old that I'm raising completely on my own, work 4 days a week and I think my employers get a bargain out of me as I do a full-time job in the 4 days and of course I don't get paid full-time. Multi-task and organise are my middle names.

Joy DJ

Amen! -Mom


Wait, let me get this straight. The woman has worked there 17 years with no benefits because she's "doing the mommy thing and trying to figure out [her]next move." Seems like the next move is to drop the kid off at college and find a good job.

I'd say that the issue isn't her workplace not valuing her, but her not valuing herself. Why the heck hadn't she left earlier?


I've gotta take issue (albeit supportively) with the gender stereotyping here. Right now I've got the usual stuff at work, plus one long-term project that just came off the back burner, plus another must-not-fail project that just fell out of the sky, and my wife and I are buying one house and selling another, with all of the crazy to-dos that come with both of those tasks. And of course she has all her work stuff to deal with as well.

Both of us have our moments of freaking out, and both of us have our moments of keeping the balls in the air seemingly with no effort. Generally speaking, we take turns on the freaking out, so that there's always one of us calm enough to talk the other one down.

If I were going to make generalizations based on your story, it'd be that grad students (like many academics) sometimes develop tunnel vision that makes them need a caregiver, while those of us who've been out in the world for a while just do what needs to be done, regardless.

Or maybe it'd be just what my real estate agent said: "In every relationship, there's a Burt, and there's an Ernie, and through this process, you're going to find out which one you are."


On the other hand, I was talking to Christie last night about this very topic, and she said, "No, you don't multi-task. You work on one thing at a time, and switch to something else while the first task is processing. That's multi-threading. It's different."

She's gotta point. So I've gotta agree that my own experiences bears out that men and women deal with multiple to-dos in different ways.

Troy Worman

Jory! 'You've never muti-tasked. And you've never kept a kid occupied for twelve hours.' Your writing is usually more balanced. Have you been reading Tom Peters?

Suffice it to say, men and women solve problems differently. OK. Women are better multitaskers. Women are more well-rounded. Women have higher tolerances for pain. Women have a lower center of gravity. I concede all of these things and more.

Women are the fairer sex. Women are better care givers. Women are better communicators. Women smell better and they taste better.

God. I do love women.

There was a time in years gone by when I would have based a decision on plus or minus five pounds. Now, I would like to think that I am wiser. But even so, I was birthed subpar on so many levels. Thank God for my ridiculously enormous ego and thesaurus. Otherwise, I might still be pushing a mailcart.

Blind arrogance. You can't take that away from us. Bravado! Machismo! Storm the beach. Take the hill. Damn the devil! Remember the Alamo!

Despite all the degrees and certifications and seminars and conferences, you can still learn pretty much all you need to know about me by watching The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.


Yeah, if you look at Michaelangelo's original work order for the Sistine Chapel, he was supposed to do the ceiling AND put in some carpeting AND create a screened-in sun porch. Alas, he could only manage the ceiling, lazy slacker %*&#!@.

Ok, I'm goofing, you raise some valid points.

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