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May 05, 2005


Joy DJ

I know, I know....I feel the same way when I get these "gems." Just to make you feel better....I DON'T send you ALL of them. -Mom


My sister used to be bad about sending around e-mails containing highly unlikely cautionary tales, but I introduced her to Snopes.com and it eventually cured her. ;)


I agree that nothing is more eagerly awaited than the email warnings and/or chainmail. I have told my friends to let me know that it is a chain, so this way they can send and I can happily delete. I always check out mom's (since it is usually her) warnings at the following sites: TruthorFiction.com and Urbanlegends.about.com. Mom if you read this comment (which I know you will, becuase you are mom) then you also may want to check these sites as well. F.Y.I. the last gem about the can and rat piss actually has been circulating since 2002 according to the last site I mentioned.

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