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May 12, 2005


Joy DJ

BAD JOKES?? I STILL think this was very funny. -Mom

Jennifer Warwick

Thanks for this post. For me, the best part of being self-employed is being able to nap when I want. Sure, I'm actually working more hours than when I was in a conventional job...but those hours are most often in an office in my garden, with the door open to hear birds and the fountain in the corner and a bit of traffic. I have eliminated pointy-toed shoes from my life and am just barely able to remember the instructions for putting on hose without making a run. It's like being 13 again :-) Thanks for the reminder that being a slacker while decidedly NOT slacking is a perk of the job.


You too? I thought I was the only one slapping the alarm clock until it finally shuts up and falling back to sleep with no shame (OK, just a little bit of shame). And I'm not even self-employed.

I don't understand this Superman/Superwoman's myth that Corporate America is so much in love with. I think it has to do with fear of mortality and not wanting to give in to our physical limitations.

I can work quite hard, but it's just a dry kind of satisfaction. It doesn't make me happy. When I find some happiness at work it's because I have stumbled in some good social/human interaction.

Jill Fallon

I never believed the schedules some people publish. They're horrifying. Over the edge is right. there's not a moment to take a breath. Funny thing about being your own boss or at least, working mainly alone, your life becomes more organic - sleeping when you need to, eating when you're hungry, wearing only comfortable clothes. Sure sometimes, I have real meetings when I get dressed up, but when I have an over-scheduled day and for some reason, something get's cancelled, I shout a silent hurrah for it feels like a "snow day" and I can just wander around downtown, just wander and wonder

Barbara Saunders

Uprisings of the heart are more common than one might think! I used to work as a personal trainer, serving mostly corporate (and occasionally academic) achievers.

Several people I met initiated their gym memberships after episodes of heart palpitations took them to the E.R., and doctors told them to "reduce stress." One man's heart literally skipped every third beat -- it normalized within a week of his finally quitting the job. A woman I saw had experienced what stumped allopaths and what a naturopath diagnosed as "a gradual breakdown of every major body system, caused by stress."


Thanks for your continued posts...and insights. I had this same AHA moments this past year - through a fluke I hurt my shoulder gardening last spring and kept going, 3 months later when it still was hurting I thought, hmm maybe I should see a dr., 6 months later I went to the dr who gave me ibuprofen, 11 months later I finally went to an orthopedic dr. who gave me cortisone shot and relieved the pain...but in the interim I realize that this injury would NOT go away by working it harder...and I realized that my body will not just keep going if I don't take care of it - and I'm pushing the big 4-0 this month! So good for you for making this realization sooner than later - and start treating your body like a bentley :)


Jory, hope you don't mind - I received an email I thought the word would spread further and wider via the blogosphere - feel free to cut and paste this if you don't want to link to my site; important thing is to spread the word.



That woman from Worthwhile gives me the creeps. Phone the kids? What?? Poor little pixies. And it's impossible to make coffee,etc. and do sun salutations properly in 15 minutes anyway. Definitely fibbing.

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