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May 30, 2005



Very good Jorge,
I do have insurance by the way, however, I felt bad about taking it to them when it was not a really big thing, and soley my fault. I actually thought too that it would be easier and quicker to just get it done myself. I was soooo wrong. I know better now. Again good job Jory.


This is the loan company my mortgage recently got sold to. Can you see why I'm nervous?


Even employees of Countrywide Home Loans are writing in to tell about how bad it is...

Sem Prada

It is amazing to watch money evolve from worthwhile to worthless.The United States is running the country on borrowed money. People are not succeeding in life, they are buying success and going bankrupt because they are not following any restraint or fear of loss. Their is always cheaper money to buy in the US. This is so dangerous and I believe the value of the US dollar would crash if the actual value that is placed on our own currency was understood by the rest of the world.

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