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March 23, 2005



"Yo Aaadrian (slurred, as if with a broken jaw)! If I's can change...and you's can change...we's all can change!"
(Rocky b-friend Balboa)


This was a great article. You really captured the internal battle many new entrepeneur's (1099's) go through. I can really relate to many of the things you said in the article - the feelings of wanting to be more productive and less of a "time slot filler." Thanks for sharing this piece of your life with the world. I will be posting it on two of my blogs.

Joe D

I suppose I am one of the few W2s that, while leading the typical W2 busy lifestyle, also regularly has an abundance of scheduled free time. Maybe I'm insane, but I always try to do my busy work ASAP so I can properly enjoy my free time. By enjoy my free time I mean do NOTHING. That's right, I even sacrifice sleep some days to make sure I get my errands done in a timely enough manner to get all of my nothing in. I would go so far to say that if I didn't get my weekly dose of nothing there would be a noticeable increase in battery and homicide occurences in my neighborhood. Jory you must enjoy the nothing, nay, EMBRACE the nothing. Overcoming your fear of nothing can only increase your appreciation for its dreaded enemy...everything.


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