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December 02, 2004



Oh gross. It's posts like this that make me thank the gods I was born in Canada. Not that health care is perfect up here either, but I can't really relate to what you've articulated so well here.


Hilarious Jor. How is your facial hair and mood swings doing? Which is better however, the HMO, or the doctors in college who automatically assumed that since you were female, you were probably pregnant? I never knew that a sore throat was a sign for pregnancy until college. I understand the frustration, but I have, myself been quite lucky with my doctors. I did have the one doctor that wanted to cheerlead me on through my pain, and the one who told me that taking a certain type of pain killer was okay for me, when in reality it was not. I also have the few horror stories from my friends, so I do understand the situation.

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