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December 15, 2004


Joy DJ

GUILTY! This was OUTSTANDING....my very good girl! Mom -xo-

how do you remember what you want? b4 the kids, b4 the husband? b4 the 9 to5?


Jory, on behalf of all men I would like to say, "Ouch! Please take the knife out of my back."

Do you really think this is a problem limited to women? Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I am constantly second guessing what I am worthy to receive... even if I earned it.

Still, entertaining read.


Jory you have a cool ma there.
It's a shame anyone waits to be asked what they want actually - the more of you who start asking, the easier it is for everyone to bring what they want into open discussion - I hope.


hello jory,

well you've hit the nail on the head of the selfish men.
women spend a good part of their lives finding out what every one else on the planet wants.

saying what you want is helping release your creativity and not confine it to releasing your productivity.

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