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November 29, 2004



Hmmm, very interesting thinking but complicated. If the actress in your film was just arrested for (choose any of below: stuffing entire Gucci collection from Saks into her handbag, beating the actor in the film with a large stick, driving under influence, or indeed all of above) do you charge less for her film because we're not supposed to condone that kind of stuff, or more, because the actress is suddenly more cool and buzzworthy? Plus the JuJuBee factor. In many film houses, most of the revenues come from tickets, but the profits come from the food stand -- so the psuedo artsy-type like me, who might pay $12 for a foreign film but refuses to pay the same for a Snickers bar, is less profitable than the $6 ticket-buyer who buys popcorn by the pound. (And yes, in addition to being cheap, I realize that according to your recent posts, as I like foreign films, I am now officially a woman.) :-) Anyway, if the movie folks really want to make money, find the people most likely to inhale a wheelbarrow full of Coke and Snow Caps*, and let 'em in for free. (*="not that there's anything wrong with that!")

Don The Idea Guy

Jory ~ I think this is a GREAT idea. Charging "on a curve" -- supply and demand, baaay-beee!

Think about the (additional) bucks George Lucas could squeeze out of the Star Wars fanatics, and the audiences that could be convinced to try something "new" because the price was less threatening. Sleeper hits wouldn't be sleepers for long if word of mouth could build buzz by bargain-hunting movie watchers.

It'd be nice to see a little price war erupt between theaters, too! ;)


Jory -
Some movies just deserve to go straight to DVD. Other movies like "What the bleep do we know" gather momentum by word of mouth even though in limited release and gain so much grass roots support plans for re-release emerges. Then there's always the matinee price point to consider to serve as a "clearance" movie.


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