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October 16, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

Leanne needs to write a book. Your story about her is also marvelous! Yes, I'm a writer, and entering the print on demand world of publishing as a business owner, so I tell everyone to write a book. But, I say so because I believe writing a book is a wonderful way to connect to your inner being, and also, to help others by offering insight they may not possess, that you do. Leanne could easily put a short tome together and publish it cheaply through print on demand-- to establish a calling card that is more than a businesscard, and to chronicle her soloist adventure...which will show her how marvelous she is and how NEEDED! You, also, have a gift. Keep writing. I'm glad I read Crossroads this morning...that's where I found you. Enjoy.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I told you guys and gals Jory was a great writer. Wonderful post. I'll save the gory details - but have had my share of less-than-successful and more-successful-but-not-lucrative-enough-returns-for-the-effort solo ventures.

Enough now to notice that trading a job for the freelance consultant's life or soloist's (ala Harriet Rubin) or free agent's (ala Daniel Pink) is only a wee bit better in terms of autonomy. Your customers are your employer, essentially.

Anyway, I'm now more into looking at how to productize service companies and create a business rather be the business.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series was really instrumental in getting me to see the four options (yeah, I know the title sounds dorky, but there's some good stuff in there):

Employee - you work for the system (someone else owns the means of production).

Self-employed - you are the system - or in other words, you and your time are essentially the means of production.

Business - you create, own or manage a system (the means of production is a creation bigger than any single person and the concepts of scale and leverage are applied; money is being made even while you sleep).

Investor - you invest in a system, or means of production.


Thank you Jory for your fabulous observations and your time. I think Yvonne's comments are really interesting because one of the first conversations I remember having with you ended in a request for us to get together to talk about writing books--on my part, this was just for my edification.
I too am always asking people, "What's your booK?" and then drawing a title out of them when they say they don't have one 'cuz I know that is not true--we all have a book in us. I have never thought that this is something I would actually do, however, and,
it got me thinking. The working title for my imaginary book for years was, "My Mom and My Sister were Homecoming Queens (I'm not kidding)," which of course was never written because it was just a whine about how I didn't get as many boyfriends as they did and my excuse for not living the typical female role in life. This morning I came up with the title, "Coming of age with Velocity." For me that's being caught in the body, mind and soul of a thirty something, loving the values that people in their late twentites and early thirties embrace, but being forty something and finding that people are expecting me to "act my age." What does that look like, eh? In the end, it's really my story about self acceptance having broken all the rules about what womanhood is all about, and apparently not doing what people who are my age should be doing--etc. When I look at my life through rose colored glasses, I get that I am an example of coming of age (moving into cronedome) in the new millenium, that is to say, I'm staying current while aging and struggling with trying to find my value proposition in a world that moves really fast but that still holds woman as most valuable for their ability to perpetuate life even though we are now a hard to support 6 billion plus on this planet. So what does that have to do with my current life changes? Everything, maybe I do have a book to write. Thanks for starting this string--It has definitely helped me to sort stuff out such that I'm the beloved protagonist. Thank you and lots of love,

Thanks to Evelyn too. great info. Thanks!

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