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September 06, 2004


Joy DJ

AMEN! I came upon that freakish abomination and felt the same way Jory. When will it stop? Sometimes I'm afraid to turn the TV on....I'm totally embarassed for the people who consent to be on these bombs!

Joy DJ


I have to say I did watch the show all the way throug. Even though I took pity on poor, drunken Brigitte Nielsen. Do you know she is the mother of 3 kids? I have no idea who Ryan Starr is but she seemed nice at least. She is so young. Why kill her career now? Oh well. I guess some peope will do anything to be famous.

I think we are failing to see the value of such a show. There's something to be learned by watching Flavor Flave slap a naked Bridgitte Nielson in the face or by watching Vanilla Ice pick up Gary Coleman and pretend to dunk his head into a deep frier at a restaurant. The lesson is this: there is no limit to the imagination of television producers. If they think we will like it, they will produce it. If we do like it, there will be more seasons of it (the Surreal Life is already in its second season and there are plans to produce a third and fourth). I know I don't like any of these shows and this opinion is shared by no less than 100% of the people I know. Are there really that many people with differing television tastes as to allow these shows to gain popularity? All in know is that I stopped watching network television years ago when they canceled Homicide: Life on the Street, the best acted and most realistic cop show ever, and replaced it with a series of shows that all lasted less time than the show they replaced. There is no good TV anymore, just good HBO. JDJ

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