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September 17, 2004


I recently saw a commercial for curves and thought, "gee, seems like a decent place, I wonder why no one I know goes there." Mystery solved! Thanks.

I find myself slightly repulsed by them -- as I don't share their beliefs and it seems like they are hiding something -- but I also somehow feel oddly guilty about that, I mean, they are a business, and how many businesses post a full disclosure statement on their front door regarding their religious and political beliefs. It does give one pause to think, what do people do with the money I give them, and if I don't know, does that hurt me?

I prefer my little slightly run down NY Sports Club where the only controversy is "hey, $2 for a little bottle of water with a drop of pseudo-lime flavor?" ... and of course, "can this towel be any smaller and thinner?" but I think that is a universal problem.

Good luck finding a solution, and with your new blog.


Have you ever tried Contours Express? It is a women's workout that uses real weights like bally's and lucille roberts and the price is $39 a month. So if you want the express workout with great equipment for the same price give it a try. There is no hard sell and they let you try the workout for one week with no obligation. They are a great alternative to regular gyms for people that like an all women gyms but don't like curves. The real weight make all the difference. Check their website (ContoursExpress.com) or email me if you like.


I have been looking into Curves also. Their stand for pro-life does not bother me. If they offer a good price for my money than I will join. Nike, Starbucks and P&G to name a few go against my beliefs, but I still buy some items. I will not let another persons views/beliefs keep me from enjoying my life.


I will never patronize Curves specifically because of their politics. They aren't the only place I avoid -- Walmart tops the list, followed closely by fastfood chains. I believe very strongly in mixing my politics with how I spend my money, because, money is unfortunately what shapes this country. It is impossible for me to do this for 100% of my needs (for example, I have to buy gas for my car), but I do my best to buy local and avoid stores with agendas, politics, or practices that I cannot ethically support.

I also recognize that it's impossible to know the politics of every manufacturer and even when you do, it's hard to avoid things like clothing made with overseas slave labor, but I'll just muddle along as best as I can, and maybe the choice of where I spend my few bucks will have some positive effect on the world.

Beth Johnson

The fact that curves is a firm believer in the Christian faith is an added bonus to my decision to join thier facility. If a business chooses to endorce thier beliefs I say "more power to them". I can't believe that any one would take that into account when choosing a place to work out. It is not like you are going through your circuit while a preacher is ranting in the middle of the gym. I believe that curves is a great place to mingle, work out and possibly make new friends or even network. If I can get all that and get my body in shape then this place is definately for me!

Curves Franchise

I've always found it ironic that Curves has said that they wish to empower women and then say they want to curtail the woman's right to choose in the next sentence. I also second the opinion of Contours Express. They do everything they can to be perfectly designed for real women in the real world. Other choices exist as well.


I'm trying to get out of my Curves contract. The excessive noise, 30 second rotation, and springboard jogging made me dizzy and nauseous. I have to pay for a visit to my physician just to get the medical order to release me from the contract. A nurse practitioner told me that even the doctors are afraid to stamp the contracts because of lawsuits. I already paid $75 to join and $29 a month for 4 months. I had told them I didn't want to sign a contract but they didn't want to hear me. There is a class action suit against them originating in Savannah Georgia. My advice -- if you want to try insist on a monthly membership. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT !!! There also is a sense of homophobia and racism that pervades some of the Curves centers. Not all. That may depend on location and the franchise owner. Whatever you do DO NOT take the 6 week Solution. It's a dangerous, in my opnion, extremely high protein diet.


As a personal trainer, I can tell you that you might as well leave Curves for the senior gals...anyone in moderate health under the age of 60 is not going to get much benefit.


To Lottie, Please reconsider your statement on Feb. 2nd, 06. I can only assume you are in excellent health, and congrats for that. The world is made up of a lot of sedintary & obese women who need to start somewhere, and making your statement can hinder someones decision to get started, if only to visit Curves. The way you stay in shape is not for everyone and if you had tried Curves for any length of time you would realize the benefits to some women even at the young age of 14. Please remember the world is made up of a lot of different people with different capabilities and desires. Just for the info, I am a former Member turned Owner who has seen so many Women benefit from Curves and just for the record I am not in this business because my beliefs are the "Heavins" beliefs, I am in this business because I am a Woman who enjoys seeing Woman take control of their health.Thank You for your time.


I am quitting today because they no longer play any music other than church music. That could be fine for some, but it seems rather odd to work out to, regardless of your beliefs. No dance, upbeat music...stuff about Jesus dying for me. And now their quarterly magazine is only about church. It's enough to make me run away from church on Sunday when it's force-fed to me 5 days a week during workouts. I've been a member for 1 year and worked out daily and gained a tad bit of muscle, but lost no weight even though I keep my heart rate up to the 80% range on the heart beat count (the highest level to reach at Curves.)
Had enough...

Dr. Robert

If Lottie is your personal trainer... Run !
The Curves workout is not fixed, it is variable, and as easy or as demanding as the individual makes it, i.e. decrease/increase the reps on each machine in the 30 second period.
Fitness is pretty simple- expend more calories than you intake, eat healthy, build a bigger engine (
only muscle burns calories)
Millions of women young and old
got fit and stay fit at Curves
...Dr Robert


Contours Express is far more libral and they have a workout that won't stop helping after a few weeks. I honestly dont know how Curves keeps growing when the other gyms are so much better workout. You can look up if there is a Contours nearby using your zip code on their website.


I'm with Paula. When I signed up at Curves a few months ago I was not informed that they were promoting Christianity. I thought they were promoting health and exercise... which is what I wanted. I feel deceived and betrayed. I find it very difficult and disconcerting to workout to "jesus my redeemer" and other songs about Jesus dying on a cross for my sorry sins. There is nothing in my contract that says I would be subjected to religious indoctrination... and the 6 week solution book is full of scripture. I thought it was supposed to be a diet plan. I've had enough of being in the Church of Curves. I'm contacting the ACLU.


going into legal against franchise which claims I never cancelled contract. Medical reasons and it wasn't effective workout..crummy equipment - changed owners several times...no notices..continue debit account w/out auth..had to change banks..then sent credit agencies after me for cancelled in writing contract..this is no way to run a business..would recommend you run far away from them..do not get involved unless you want trouble...what a ripoff!

Donna Newman

The Curves Gym with which I am affiliated, has modern music. It's loud, but the beat is good. I am a Christian. To me, if you are getting benefits from your workout, what should it matter about the rest. Although, honestly, I would find it a bit disconcerting to exercise to Christian music myself. It just doesn't fit somehow.

liz from aus

I have been a member of Curves for 6 months, i am young (22) and here in australia they don't force us to listen to church music. In the past six months i have lost 8 kilos... just by attending 3 times a week and eatting WISELY and not strictly. Yes i agree there are alot of older members... but we have a nice mix of old and young. Personally i would get over the whole religion thing and just focus on improving your way of life.


I have worked at Curves for 3 years. Personally I have lost 120 pounds sticking to the 3 times a week and watching my diet. My first pregnancy I became gestationally diabetic and gained 146 pounds, Curves helped me to take off 70. Then my husband and I got pregnant again. I did Curves thru my whole pregnancy and didn't gain a pound! I had my second boy in Dec. and have lost 50 more lbs.


Talk to your Curves Owner about the music... We have alot of University students who prefer curves to the rec center (they call it the meat market) We play music who tailors to women of all ages Top radio hits to 60's 70' and 80's.


I have been a member at Curves in Australia for the past 1yr and now I have bought my own franchise. I am a christian, but i can tell you that the money you pay in memberships goes to the individuals who own your franchise, not to Garry Heaven. We (as owners) pay him our opening fee - not you, so to cancell your membership because you think you are supporting his beliefs is ignorant.
Regarding music, i play the latest hits at my club and ask my members to contribute to my music selection. I dont have christian music at all, you should speak to your club owner about that issue.

I have so many different age groups at my club and sizes range from 6 - 26. All at a different fitness levels. I am a fitness instructor and have been for the past 10yrs, I know that (being size 8 auz, BF% 19 )I am a very athletic person and Curves offers me a superior workout. The equipment is built to push your own personal fitnes levels and it has no cut off - i get a great workout! If you are using the equipment properly, please dont say you are not breaking a sweat....thats just not true....

As for Contours, I have heard of so many cases for injury because your superiour "weights" system is very harsh on womens joints particularily the fragile. Contours dont allow for express workout when all thier members have to pin weights before they jump on. Contours also keep you pumping dumbells after reps and therefore dont allow for cooling off period between reps. This is a dangerouse move and no gym supports that. I found the workout at Contours to be a hassle and my doctor and chiropractor does not recommend it to anyone.


I agree with Emma, Curves is great for the fit people too!!!! I am an ex triathlete and my curves club is full of different sizes and shapes but we all have a blast! I get a great workout every time because the staff show me how to push myself and use the equipment properly.
My friend had to cancell her 12 month membership because she is moving overseas and she had no problems with that. They asked her to pay $30 to cancell early and that was it! I dont understand why anyone would be in any kind of legal deal with them over that - you must be pretty stingy!!!

I asked my club if they ever use debt collectors for people who dont pay thier fee's and they said "no" - because Curves International don't allow it. SO I can only assume that the club that used them were not abiding by Curves rules.

Curves is awesome!!!!!!


how do you get out of a curves contract been with them for 8 months 3-4 times a week and no change.church music ugh...

barbara thompson

I have been a member of curves for 1 year and 5 months, the main problem with me is hours they dont open till 8 or 9 then they close for 3 hours in the mid of the day, so if they opened at 6:30 every morning it would be easier for me to go then come home and get ready for work. i dont get off till 6:00 they are closed ! the same lady ownes 4 curves in the surrounding towns and caters better to the bigger town they open at 6:30,it should be a set time if they want young and old to join, when the older croud came in the lady will turn down the music well, thats real motivating!!!! so i gon me an Ipod schuffel and clip it to my bra so i can have music i own a business myself and what the people need you do and i here the ouner is wondering why membership is down !!!! GO FIGURE.


The thing thats important to remember about curves is that each one will be slightly different...based on what machines they've gotten, and namely the owner themselves. So for anyone looking to join, just visit and find out for yourself...just because one location is one doesn't mean they all are that way.


CurvesSmart is the world’s most advanced fitness training system. You will receive a precision designed workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports that will keep you motivated. Preliminary testing is demonstrating as much as 20% more inches lost! All you have to do is “GO FOR GREEN!” The CurvesSmart technology motivates and challenges you to achieve your personal health and weight management goals by keeping you committed to exercise. CurvesSmart ensures you maintain an exertion level that is safe and guarantees maximum benefit based on your own unique body signature. Give us a call to learn more about CURVES SMART.

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I am a Curves circuit trainer...but I was a member before I came to work at Curves. I was overweight, young (26) and in dire need of help! I signed up with Curves for an unbelievable $60 (we always have promotions going on that change every month) and started working out 5 days a week. Within the first four weeks I had lost 2% of my body fat...no much you may think, but after week 5 I really saw the changes. I lost 12 pounds and 24 inches over my entire body...I am 5'2" and at that time weighed 165 pounds. So to lose 12 pounds and those 24 inches was amazing! I was so pleased with my Curves experience that I decided to take a job helping others lose weight and get in shape. Yes, we are a Christian-based organization, however we never push our ideals onto our members, let alone depict or display issues that may or may not makes members uncomfortable. I personally am a pro-choice advocate and have never been asked to change my point of view or find a new job.

The Curves workout is an excellent workout. I am also a martial artist who has studied Tae Kwon Do for 17 years, but after having two children needed help getting rid of that extra weight. I am still a member of Curves and a trainer, and I am pregnant with baby number 3....I love working out here! The staff at any Curves will motivate you and keep you on track. You just need the will to do it!

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