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One-Line Bio

Writer, blogger, and co-Founder of BlogHer


In case you were wondering, I'm a female. The most common question I'm asked is whether or not my name is short for something. It's not.

Now I'll answer the second-most-asked question: My mother was watching a bad TV movie starring Pierce Brosnan (yes, he was around back then--his daughter's my age!). Somewhere in that movie was a nurse--or at least my mother thinks she was a nurse--named Jory. Being very pregnant and impressionable at the time, my mother took the name.

I'm a co-founder of BlogHer, an organization that creates opportunities for women bloggers to pursue exposure, education, economic empowerment, and community. Cool people know about it ;) My partners and I started the business because we were hard-core bloggers who loved how the technology was transforming the lives of women. Little would I know how much it would transform my own life. Mostly in good ways. Sometimes not so much. I'm somewhat obsessed with searching for ways to make online addiction and entrepreneurism translate into a meaningful life without sucking us dry of energy and inspiration. How do we stay passionate about our work? How can we integrate new interests and passions? How can we navigate through the muck of new gadgets, work commitments and Webby distractions and come out feeling like we're not behind, or that our time was misspent? Why do I ask so many freaking questions?

More about me: I live with my husband, a landscape architect working in San Francisco. He's a hardcore cyclist who enjoys riding up hills until he thinks he's going to black out. He cooks for me, so it all works out.

I'm a 3 on the Enneagram, a Gemini, and common sense isn't one of my virtues.

*Thanks to Jim Macove for the head shot. People, he's good.