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January 25, 2006


Steve Sherlock

Or maybe a lesson in time management? Once you prioritize your list of things to do for the day, work it in that order and keep to your schedule. If something "hot" does come along, re-do your listing and work the listing according to that order and keep to your schedule.

Otherwise, you'll never get to bed by 11:00.

Barbara Saunders

Some time ago, I realized that the habit I called "procrastination" wasn't really. In college, I actually handed papers in early. My pattern of writing them, though, was not incremental. For a 4-week deadline, I would casually "think" and capture notes for 2.5 weeks. Then I'd feel pressured and hyperfocus for a couple of days. Then I'd crash and sleep for a couple more days. Then I'd do it all in a burst of energy over a couple more days. I accepted the guilty label "procrastinator" until I realized I had a better on-time record than many dutiful schedulers I knew!


When I was a part-time student I procrastinated a hell of a lot when I should have been doing assignments. Having said that, I was very rarely late handing in an assignment.

It's interesting that procrastinators are perfectionists in disguise. I think that describes me pretty well.

Average Jane

I have always been a "wait until the last minute" writer. Even in high school and college I'd end up writing essays in the five minutes before class started. I actually like to-do lists because they prompt me to get started, do the work and cross it off. Without lists and deadlines, I'd never get anything done.

Troy Worman

It doesn't sound like you are procrastinating. It sounds like you are diggin' what you do.

11pm is way early. Cut yourself some slack. Being punctual is over-rated.


Timemanagement is ok, but greatly overrated. People make a rocket science out of it and it isn't. And it wouldn't help in this case anyway. If you do what you want to do, you forget things you don't need to do. Until something hits you on the head. This is ok. To be trite, Einstein didn't have a todo list. Monday 2 pm invent relativity. You cannot timemanagement new ideas or new solutions, doesn't work. They hit you, if you just get on with the program, they have no chance. Things like get up in the morning, get enough sleep and think to eat are enough, if on the whole you normaly get things done. If you never finish anything and just totter around and are unhappy, maybe rigorous todolists may help. But if an inspiration strikes you at 9.58 and your todo list tells you to go brush your teeth at 10, then to hell with the list.

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